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    Transferring subscription to other computer ??



      I've just bought a adobe creative cloud 12-month prepaid subscription membership and have installed it on another computer (PC) and want to transfer the apps and all that onto the other computer (New iMac I just got for my course, which I need the subscription for). Now, I've already installed, like I said, on the PC computer and have been using that a while, however the tutorials for my course were confusing for me as the computers they used in the tutorials were all Macs. I realise that my subscription allows me to install it on 2 computers mac and PC, however, when I tried to use it I was not allowed. Putting in the code from my subscription card came up with box reading something like "Oops, it appears that this code has already been redeemed". However impossible that is, considering that I don't recall using the code twice, is irrelevant, as I am frustrated with this whole thing. And to make matters all the more frustrating, it appears that I can not use my subscription that I've already purchased on my original PC (every time I go to open up photoshop and illustrator and the like, it immediately shuts down -- and this does not appear to be a problem with the PC itself as everyone I've asked suggests otherwise). So, I was wondering if anyone can tell me a way to put my original subscription (with the apps and everything) from my original PC to my new iMac? I apologise if this is long -- this is terribly frustrating for me. Again, I've heard about deactivation on PC computer, although I'm weary about this as the rest of the school year's work relies on not having another problem like not being able to access my apps ever again.

      Any info is appreciated, thanks.


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          You don't need the redemption twice. Your credit is active on your account. It's not a serial number. You simply download the CC app and sign in to install the program. The rest we can't know. You have not provided any useful technical information like system specs, error messages or whatever as would be required to resolve any technical issues.