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    Can't select 'motion source' in AE CC while attempting to do motion tracking.


      Hey all,

      I'm new to AE, and am trying to do some motion tracking following this tutorial: https://library.creativecow.net/articles/devis_andrew/AE-Basics-53-Motion-Tracking-1/video -tutorial  I linked in a clip (GoPro 4k as .mp4) from PP, created a Null layer and opened up the tracking panel, but the selection for my video file "GOPRO###" and "Null 1" are grayed out.  I double clicked on the GOPRO### files in the timeline, which I'm assuming opened it in a new comp. From here I was able to complete the tracking, but then I have no clue on how to link this new comp back into premiere.


      If anyone can tell my why all my motion source choices are grayed out, I would appreciate it. 

      Also, how would I add a .PNG file as the object that is following the tracking?  Do I just add the .PNG as a layer, and set it's parent to the Null 1 layer?