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    Progress Bar?

      Hi There,
      I have a graphic saved as a movie clip which I'd like to convert to a progress bar component (or at least to act like a progress bar component) . . . how is this done? Is it even possible?
      Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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          Here's a good premade one, complete with code and free: you can simply swap in the graphic you want to use.

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            Goo101 Level 1
            Thanks darkangel333, but this is not what I want . . . I am not using the progress bar to monitor a load but rather I am trying to get it to poll for a numeric value (as percentage of the task complete). The value in question is returned from a external source (in this case a Windows DLL) using Zinc as the middle ware tool, below is the example code . . .

            do {

            _global.ripCompletion=mdm.Extensions.RipstationDLL.RlGetRipCompletion(dllHandle, 0);
            mdm.Exception.DebugWindow.trace("ripCompletion = " + ripCompletion);

            progressPercentage = (ripCompletion.slice(2, 4));
            mdm.Exception.DebugWindow.trace("Percentage of rip complete = " + progressPercentage);

            } while (ripCompletion != 1);

            The ripCompletion function call returns a floating point number between 0 and 1 to about 20 decimal places, as a percentage of the task complete.

            Can anyone help me here?
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              mxc Level 1
              I dont know anything about Zinc but can you use

              progressPercentage = Math.floor((ripCompletionAmount/ripCompletionTotal)*100);

              to return the percent of progress?
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                Goo101 Level 1
                I have no problem getting the percentage of the rip complete, it is already provided in the data returned from the ripCompletion function call to the dll. I appreciated your help but still no one has answered my question . . . how do I convert a movie clip object to a progress bar component?