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    DNG not recognised by photoshop


      I have two cameras… a 16mp Sony A580 and a 12mp Panasonic FZ200. When I put these through Adobe DNG Convertor (version, this is what I see…. Sony raw in (size around 17meg), DNG out (size around 17meg); Panasonic raw in (size around 13meg), DNG out (size around 47 meg). Is this disparity normal?


      I’m a new Lightroom user (version 5.7) and I noticed that when I import, there is an option of ‘Copy as DNG’ so perhaps I don't need to use the DNG convertor. However, when I select this option, the DNGs produced from Panasonic images are suspiciously small at around 12 meg. Furthermore when I try to open them in Photoshop CS3, I get “Could not complete your request because this is not the right sort of document”.


      So my main question is why are DNGs produced by Lightroom so much smaller than DNGs produced by the DNG convertor? Presumably they use the same plug-in? Have I found a bug in Lightroom?


      Thanks in advance…