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    loan token not found


      I have been using my NOOK for years without issue.  Then recently I am having trouble accessing new books (this does not happen with e-books that are several years old, only with new books)...


      I can download the book to my computer and put it on my nook.  Using my computer I can view the book on my nook and read it.  But after I eject my book and try to access the book on my nook it gives me various error messages like "loan token not found" or "loan period not valid" etc.


      Any ideas why this is happening?

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          Great question - am also looking for answer (most info I've found/tried is from 2009-2011).    All looks good on computer - problem just happens after ejecting book & trying to read from Nook.  Have deauthorized & uninstalled everything, then started again from scratch.  Still having problem & know that I'm not the only one.