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    How does the buttons in the pop-up window from the timeline work?


      What I'm mainly interested in is the pop-up page that pops up when you

      right-click in the timeline.  No need to tell me what "delete, delete and

      close gap, delete audio, delete video" is for.


      I like to get instructions how to work cut, copy, paste effects and

      adjustments, effects mask, enable, unlink audio and video, fade, apply

      videomerge, smart fix, apply default transition, apply default transitions

      analog CTI, time stretch, field options, frame blend, scale to frame size,

      beat detect, reveal in project, edit original.  That is about it.


      Especially the cut and copy and how to paste.  I'm not sure exactly how

      that works.  I'm used to Microsoft Word where you can get a flashing cursor

      and then paste into it.


      Thank you