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    All elements in symbol timeline disappears


      Elements inside my symbols timeline keep disappearing for no apparent reason. This is a huge showstopper and requires me to back up my files every 5 minutes. I also have to look through the content of all my symbols all the time, to make sure that something I was working on 2 days ago isn't suddenly missing.


      I have read other posts regarding the same issue. When will this bug be fixed?



      Windows 7

      Edge CC 2014.1.1 release

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          Manigandan Adobe Employee

          Hi kulyu67


          We are unable to repro this issue. Can you pl attach some sample composition/video or something which can demonstrate the issue.that will help us in debugging.




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            foj Level 1

            I have the same issue - that is all the time-lines and items go, and it's not due to the filter icon at the bottom.


            Any idea what's happening?


            I will try and get some screens, but have to reboot before layers show up for a while.


            Win 7 64bit. CC 2014.1.1.

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              foj Level 1

              OK, true to form absolutely nothing nothing now appears in the 3 main symbols, content_01, _02, _03. Last few times I looked I am convinced some items and time lines showed up (for a while).

              I attach 2 images, one showing an empty symbol, one from an earlier iteration showing how it should more-or-less look/ and did look to about 1 hour ago.

              I actually duplicated symbol 'content_03', as I was working on it, and the duplicate has nearly all the content removed too, however the two bottom most layers remain. All the needed content and symbols used for these symbols is present and all the other symbols still look to be OK - I wasn't even working on symbols 'content_01' and 'content_02' for anything to go wrong with them! What has happened, hoping it's simple and my-bad!!!



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                foj Level 1

                Guessing this has nothing to do with anything, get it when I save an iteration to a new folder. Checked all the images assets mentioned via 'show in explorer' and they are in the new iterations image folder.unsupported_paths.PNG

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                  Same random disappearances for me, it happens from times to times, and I have to look very close at my backups, for the moment I'm saving when I'm sure everything is right and I sometimes have to close the project to reopen the backup, cause the timeline goes all blank ... every symbol or element layer is missing, all keys are gone, and the preview won't work anymore ... Dramatic ! As said Foj, could it be a my-bad error ? Is there anything I can do to prevent his ? I tried to edit my symbols by double clicking them as well than by the "editing" action in the library ... The bug still appears randomly.

                  help please ! I've go complex documents to conceive and I don't want to discover one morning that all my work is gone !!!


                  Thanks for helping !

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                    foj Level 1

                    Hi Platypus,


                    I've not got to the bottom of this but have some (anecdotal) observations about the circumstances that create the issue,


                    Editing items in the library list when drilled-down into a sub-stage level, including,

                    • Changing the names of symbols.
                    • Duplicating symbols.

                    Changing the names of symbols (sometimes at stage level).

                    Duplicating symbols (sometimes at stage level).

                    Copying and pasting keys.


                    Does this help? I am dismayed that Adobe are not throwing the required amount of support into this potentially fantastic product - these bugs really need ironing out / in the meantime people are moving to other better supported (but less comprehensive) solutions: Flash part-two, come on Adobe!


                    I think the issue lies in the background file (JSON - maybe) that is created to follow asset paths. Are you using 2015, this is more stable (imo) in this respect.

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                      EvaMartin Level 1

                      I can't remember seeing the issue while copying/pasting keys, but i agree for everything else. the worst is when duplicating symbols, for me (and worst of the worst : duplicating symbols directly in the stage.).

                      For now the less bugging routine I could find is to duplicate the symbols in the library rather than in the stage, and editing them independantly even before i place them in the stage. Not too bad so far, but it's so risky having this issue potentially ruining hours of work ...


                      I'm running with the 2015's version, on Windows 7 64bits.