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    Indesign CS4 error5. Solution please!


      I've purchased CS4 years ago. It won't work on my MacBook (latest version). Error5 it says when i try to open it.

      I expect a solution from Adobe since i've payed A LOT of money for the entire master collection.


      All the other programs are working.

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          Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant
          1. Did you install it from the original installer or did you migrate? Migration does not work with Adobe programs. In such a case you have to use the Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool to whipe out anything Adobe and install from the scratch.
          2. CS4 is not compatible to OS X 10.10. It might run occasionally but you can be sure that it will not run always. Minimum is CS6, but CS6 does not support Retina displays. I would recommend to upgrade to the Creative Cloud as the CS6 is now old and will cause soon the same problem what you experience between CS4 and Yosemite.