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    Removing the chrome  

      Okay, one problem I've hit the wall with is opening a new window, without all the juck that IE and other browsers put up in the top.

      It seems like AS offers no way to control the window outside of its environment. I tried Java, but I know nothing about coffee, and therefore am useless in Java. At first I used the Javascript:windo.open() command, but that soon proved to be not a good option. It annoys the browser and security.

      I tried to java, in the html, and had success in sizing the window, but nothing else.

      Now this isn't a java forum, and that I understand. However is there a way to do this in action script? Some little know function that hides itself well? Or dose someone has a way to do this?

      I know it's possible. I've seen it in sites like you tube, and I will press. I just don't know how.

      The other question, which is kind of on the same lines. I also wanted to resize the window in question to fill the space provided. I can dynamically control where everything is place as it is resized. However I still can't actually get the window to grow in the browser. Again, I've seen some thins like this in Java, but again I just don't know beans.

      Thanks for answering my question.