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    How to make chapter numbering work


      Hi. I am making a diary with a few sections per page and want to number them Day 1, Day 2, etc.


      I have created a text variable with the prefix "Day" and then selected the numbering style 1,2,3... accorign to the tutorial on this site.


      Then what?

      I have tried to make a master page with a few sections using the variable as header. My hope was to do this and then just multiply the pages with the master applied until I have the number of pages I want with the number running smoothly, counting all he way up to 365.

      I also tried to build the actual pages and insert the variable each time on each section. Tedious and feels like the wrong way.


      The problem is in both cases that the numbering doesn't start counting up. No matter if I use masters or do it manually, all the days remain "Day 1".


      I am very grateful for help!