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    Corrupt RAW files in Lightroom 5.

    craigs48531685 Level 1

      I'm having an issue with corrupt RAW files in Lightroom 5. I have all of my RAW files stored on an external NAS system. Typically, I mainly work on my files on my PC's hard drive. The NAS is for storage only. However, in the past I have looked through the external files with Adobe Camera RAW and have called up files from there to work on, if it's a photo I want to rework. Recently I have started using Lightroom 5. So the other day, I added a folder from the NAS external to Lightroom 5 to look at some of the RAW files. A LOT of the files looked corrupt with white blocks and pink or yellow lines running across the photo. I closed lightroom and pulled up those same files in Adobe RAW and get the same issue. I copied them to my PC's hard drive and still have the issue. This has never happened until using Lightroom. I know Lightroom is not supposed to actually do anything to the files, however, this is very coincidental. Did Lightroom do something to these images, or was it coincidence that the files became corrupt at the same time I started using Lightroom? Any solutions?