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    Indesign to PDF trim mark issue


      I have a business card file in InDesign and exported it to a PDF last week with trim marks for bleed with no issues. Now I export the same file with the same export settings and there is a white trim space.


      Last week's export:




      This week's export:


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          Bo LeBeau Level 4

          If you hold down the SHIFT key when placing your PDF you will get different options.




          In your top screenshot you had the BLEED option selected and it only shows the part of the crop marks that intrude into the bleed area.


          In your bottom screenshot you have the import option set to something else like BOUNDING BOX or CROP.

          This will show you the complete crop marks, not just the part that are in the bleed.


          This setting is sticky and will remain the default until you change it.

          The full crop marks are more useful when cutting than the way you normally have it, with just partial crop marks.


          Depending on the vendor that is printing the business cards they may even not want crops at all, but they will definitely need the bleeds.