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    Annoyed [Android]


      So I have my Android tablet setup to automatically install updates for all the apps I'm using. While I don't use all of them, they are there because I need them or they provide a service that I need. Well recently I went to open up a PDF file using the new Adobe Acrobat Reader DC and low and behold I can't find the file I need. So I started doing research and at first I'm thinking I'm going to need to find an alternative to this because there are times when my tablet just isn't connected to the internet and if I need the internet to connect to files then I'm better off with something else. Well I continued digging and low and behold, I can get to the files on my tablet but I have to go through my elbow to get to my pinky toe to get to my backside to get to them.


      Why did you guys at Adobe release an updated product with such a glaring flaw as not being able to view files already on a device? And why is there no phone support for Acrobat? Is it because you guys realized you made a glaringly stupid error that you don't want your Call Center people getting their ears ripped off by callers? Oh, and while you're fixing the viewing error, you might want to look at the bookmarks aspect as well. Because the new reader doesn't like bookmarked PDF's very much. It'll take you to the chapter but it won't open the subsections of that bookmark.