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    Adobe RoboHelp 6 is released!

    johndaigle Level 4
      Our long wait has ended and much sooner than expected!
      Here's the main product page

      Here's the FAQ with a feature list and prices, etc.

      I also see new articles by our own Peter Grainge, Rick Stone and Matthew Ellison on the Adobe Developer Network

      Lots of new goodies to try. As someone using RoboHelp since 1992, the last three years have been the longest wait. I really am glad Adobe "rescued" RoboHelp and is putting its full weight behind continued growth.

      Congrats to the engineering team!

      John Daigle
      Adobe Certified RoboHelp Instructor
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          donalmc Level 1
          If I have RoboHelp 5 as a sole user, what are the top 10 reasons for upgrading?

          So far, all I can see is
          Conditional build tags for table of contents and index items (in addition to folders)

          And this just cracks me up:
          Note: RoboHelp 6 is not compatible with Microsoft Word 2007.
          ( http://www.adobe.com/devnet/robohelp/articles/get_started.html )

          Edit: Judging by the System Requirements (http://www.adobe.com/products/robohelp/productinfo/systemreqs ) it would appear that Vista isn't supported either!!
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            CraigCC Level 2
            Hi Don,

            Regarding the Vista issue.
            "Help Adobe is committed to compatibility with the Microsoft operating environment. When Microsoft makes its Vista Help plans available, Adobe will take the necessary actions to ensure RoboHelp compatibility with Vista."

            Regarding Microsoft Word 2007
            Not an ideal situation, but the issue still being looked into and Adobe will address it.

            Top reasons - this is from my perspective, and I can only put forward my views, but take a look at the trial - everyone will need to make their own evaluation/justification:

            1. Conditional Table of Content entries, Conditional Index Items
            2. Other conditional content improvements - see http://www.adobe.com/devnet/robohelp/articles/buildtag_02.html
            3.Variables for simple and complex replacements (note you can use different variable values for different builds making this a very powerful tool)
            4. Adobe Acrobat Elements included with Robohelp 6 to help generate accessible and PDF files - links are preserved in the
            PDF output for example. You would of course expect improved PDF support from Adobe :-)
            5. Webhelp can be used locally (you have the option to include Mark Of the Web on the output so it can be run locally).
            6. Command line compliation - no need to open up RH everytime you want to deliver / ship a build.
            7. Word document import improved.
            8. Robohelp Server Improvements - for me .NET support is very important

            There are other enhancements, but as I said, best to crack open the trail copy and give it a try before making too many judgements. Has the whole interface been redesigned and changed, no. Is the product still robust and reliable, yes. Are Adobe committed to improving and developing Robohelp, yes.

            Like John, I see this release as great news and am very pleased that Adobe is now committed to the Robohelp's future. It is quite a relief after a very long wait frankly.

            Kind Regards
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              donalmc Level 1
              Thanks for the response Craig,

              It does look like the Vista issue is an MS one but the Word 2007 issue is inexcusable. As pointed out elsehwhere, the main driver for upgrading RH tends to be so that you will be compatible with the latest version of Word. I do see that there are improvements in the Word import, which is massively welcome; however I had hoped that RH would leverage the new Word format as I thought it would make importing a much easier process (for RH).

              It seems to me, and this is just my 2c, that Abobe have RTMed too early.

              Regarding the trial, it seems that to install RH6 you should uninstall RH5 ( http://www.adobe.com/devnet/robohelp/articles/get_started.html ) which I won't be doing!

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                RoboColum(n) Level 5
                Part of me doesn't want to fan the flames here but hey...
                For Adobe to integrate Word 2007 into RH does involve some knowledge of what was done in Word 2007. Now Adobe have a release cycle just like Microsoft. Also they both protect their source. With a January release for X6 I offer the thought that it was always unrealistic to expect support for Word 2007. Maybe they could have waited before releasing X6 but the reasons for wanting a quick release are well documented.
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                  Linux Rules
                  Does the installation still WRITE TO THE MASTER BOOT RECORD of the hard drive?
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                    CraigCC Level 2
                    Donal, have you no sense of adventure :-)

                    Seriously, you can install the trial for Robohelp 6 side by side, I'm doing it right now. Not recommended, but possible. This version also allows side by side install of the full version as long as you have two licences i.e. it won't work for an upgrade. Check out Peter's article again, he makes that very clear.

                    This facility is a great bonus for contractors and other users who need to be able to switch between different versions.

                    Kind Regards and happy Tuesday


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                      donalmc Level 1
                      Yes I have a sense of adventure. I'm mad me.

                      Seriously though - there is no point in my evaluating this until I am in a position to make a purchase, which I won't be until it supports Word 2007 (especially given that the trial runs out). I would get laughed at if I asked for €500 for an upgrade that doesn't support Word 2007.

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                        HKabaker Level 2


                        I'm holding out for Word 2008 compatibility.


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                          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

                          Sharing a beer with Rick right now, you just cracked us up.

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                            HKabaker Level 2
                            In US or UK?

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                              Compatibility with Word 2007 or not, I am glad Adobe came up with a quick release so that potential RoboHelp customers like some of us, have a sense of certainty.

                              I have been evaluated several HATs recently, RoboHelp being one of them. RoboHelp surpassed most in every respect, but we decided not to further evaluate the product till Adobe does something about its uncertainty.

                              With X6 Released, this gives us a lot of hope and anxiety. WIth the improvement of conditional text, which is where I think the product suffered a little, I believe that this product will remain an industry leader.

                              You cannot satisfy all customers at once. I think that Adobe's choice of coming up witha quick release with some minor improvements, while working on compatibility issues behind the scenes is a very good move. You have to appreciate know how long it takes to work out compatibility issues, before complaining.

                              For those of us complaining about compatibility issues, remember that Adobe and Microsoft do not open their code and have asynchronized release dates. I am very confident that Adobe will address this issue.

                              Way to go Adobe.
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                                hughbetcha Level 1
                                What's happening with RoboInfo? Will there be a RoboInfo upgrade, or is it possible to upgrade to RoboHelp?
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                                  CraigCC Level 2
                                  Hi Hugh,

                                  From the FAQ

                                  Q: I own an older version of RoboHelp. What is your upgrade policy?

                                  A: If you own a license to any previous version of RoboHelp, RoboHelp Office, RoboHelp Office Pro, RoboHelp Help Office Pro for .NET, or RoboInfo, you can upgrade to Adobe RoboHelp 6 for $499. If you require the server functionality of RoboHelp Office Pro, RoboHelp Office Pro for .NET, or RoboEngine Connectivity Pack and own a license for any of these products, you can upgrade to RoboHelp Server 6 for $999.

                                  Kind Regards
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                                    Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                                    Hi Harvey

                                    That post happened last night from my hotel room here in Isreal! Peter and I are speaking at the Techshoret conference tomorrow.

                                    Cheers and Shalom! Rick
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                                      Looks very nice...but when will you make improvements to your customer support? I really can't consider purchasing a new edition of RH unless I know the support will be superior to the dreck we've had in the past...long hold times, clueless support operatives, endless escalations with bad or no follow-up...we're in the midst of one right now that's lasted over a week, waiting for a developer to call us back.
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                                        RoboWizard Level 4
                                        Hi Joyeuse13 and welcome to the community

                                        Ummm, seeing as how this is the first time you have posted, would it be safe to assume you have never posted a question here in the support forums before? If so, you should really give them a try. I'm definitely not trying to knock the support group, but it's not unheard of to post an answer and have a totally resolved situation within minutes sometimes.

                                        Just a thought... Rick
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                                          Joyeuse13 Level 1
                                          I've often gotten answers from searching the knowledge base, sure...but Adobe needs to provide better phone support, regardless.
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                                            RoboWizard Level 4
                                            Hi again

                                            Ummm, I wasn't talking about the Knowledge base. That's totally separate. I was talking about where you posted to say the support was bad. I was making a suggestion that you also give this avenue a try and see what you think.

                                            Again, nothing against the fine folks at Adobe, but with any call center I've ever seen or been involved with, you call and take your chances. (I personally come from a call center background, so I know more than I'd like about how most of them operate) You might reach someone that knows very little about the product and/or is just very new or you might reach someone very versed and/or has been on the job for a long while. It's totally luck of the draw and the way all call centers work.

                                            Yes, we all wish support was 100% with anything we use. But the fact is it's often less than that because of the very nature of the way these things work.

                                            Cheers... Rick
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                                              robowriter Level 1
                                              Hi, Joyeuse13. I strongly agree with Rick, and I urge you go give the forums a serious try. Where customer support at any company (and I'm talking about any software support, cable support, or just about anything else you can think of) is hit-or-miss at best, I swear, my experience with the forums has been nothing less than miraculous, and Rick is one of the (many) people who makes them this way.

                                              I've asked questions about anything from performing a certain task, through finding bug workarounds, and even asking for JavaScript code to do something out of the ordinary. My success rate has been around 95%, and I get most answers before customer support has even answered the phone. This saves me from spending too much time listening to on-hold music!

                                              I agree that customer support (and I mean all of it, not just RoboHelp or even Adobe) is not what it once was in the olden days, and I lament this, too, but at least there's a very wonderful alternative. I hope you'll give the forums a serious try.
                                              • 20. Re: Adobe RoboHelp 6 is released!
                                                Hi Joyeuse13,

                                                Thanks for your post about support. You mention that in the past you have had issues. Is the description you give from your last case that you are waiting on? I see posts similar and when I ask it's been about a problem a while back. I am looking for information on current problems.

                                                If you are still seeing issues with long hold times I would like to know about that. Those phone issues should have been resolved by now.

                                                I am particulary interested in who you spoke with that were "clueless support operatives". There is an obvious training need in that case.

                                                Also, please send me your case number (shtracy@adobe.com) and I will see what the hang up is. You should not be waiting for days for some sort of answer. Techs are supposed to get back in touch with the customer to update that status of the case even if it is to say we are still waiting to hear from engineering.


                                                Shane Tracy
                                                WW Product Support Manager
                                                Adobe Systems
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                                                  Now that I have seen 6.0 trial, still the same Kadov tags, Really? what new features did they add? varaibles and additional improvments to conditional tags. Flashhelp pro, but I cant use it because they have not released the server yet. does anyone else know when server will be out?

                                                  From what other people are saying it doesnt seem that support is any better? Do i pay another 1200 for support, when robowizard in this forum who admits that adobe phone support can be bad, does a better job supporting robohelp than does adobe.

                                                  I just don't see enough new features to make the upgrade, From a few new features, to lousy support. I hope That adobe learns from this
                                                  • 22. Re: Adobe RoboHelp 6 is released!
                                                    I raised this elsewhere but nobody has replied, so a more specific question -

                                                    Does X6 permit the construction of XML help files and does anyone know if XML help file output can be issued by Smart Client deployment (i.e. packets of data sent down the phone line to the user)?

                                                    I'm amazed that this method of deploy is not mentioned more as you'll all have to do it soon!