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    Is there a command to have goto scene and play then goto scene (without click on the second go)


      I'm making a game of sorts, where the user will navigate through a map. I have screenshots and embedded movie clips set up on different scenes. Most of the time, my system is working well, for instance scene 1 is a screenshot of a door, the user clicks the button to turn right, it goes to scene 2 which plays an embedded video to show the motion of turning to the right, and then it automatically goes to scene 3 (screenshot of the wall) and stops.


      However, here's where I'm stuck. After turning full circle, I need it to end up back at that door. But at this point, the screenshot with the button is scene 7, which goes to scene 8 to play the embedded video clip of turning, and then the door screenshot is all the way back up at scene 1! So when scene 8 is done playing, it wants to head on down to scene 9, but I need it back up to scene 1 WITHOUT any user action, no clicking, etc.


      So, is there an action that is something along the lines of goto scene and play then goto scene, which involves only one click at the beginning?