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    Failed to Export pdf despite having done so very recently?


      I'm currently putting together a 60 page book and for weeks previously, I've been able to export it as a high quality pdf for test prints and analysis but for some reason last night, when I put in the final image for the book, it gives me this 'Failed to Export Pdf' message, despite me making a pdf of the final-imageless version a half hour ago. When I removed the final image from the document, it still gives me the same error message. When I tried to hunt down what page is giving it the most problem, it seemed to be a page that was previously just fine according to inDesign? And when I tried to work with an older version of the document to see if I can work from that one, it gives me the same problem. It SHOULD be fine but for some reason it isn't.


      I use Windows 7 and I have inDesign CS2.