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    Inline footnotes in InDesign CC 2014

    Olfar Level 2

      In InDesign CS6 there was an easy way to make short footnotes as inline (run-on) footnotes.
      Increase its first-line indent of the second footnote, and set its leading to zero.


      I went from CS6 to CC 2014 and I have a problem with inline footontes.

      Now It is impossible to finish the work started in CS6.


      Regardless of whether I do it manually or using Peter Kahrel's script Inline footnotes | Peter Kahrel,

      InDesign CC 2014 can not set properly interline of the last foonote to 0 pt. The difference is always 3 pt.

      Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 19.01.33.png

      Do you also have the same problem with setting inline footnotes in InDesign CC 2014?