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    Web link/browser error on Mac from PC-published projector

      I'm producing a cross-platform CD that I published on PC.

      All is working well, except that the Web links when clicked on the Mac platform (OSX) result in both a script error and a Safari error (Safari is the default browser on the test Mac). I can bypass the errors and continue with the application.

      I have Web links both in regular text (by highlighting and entering a hyperlink via the text box) and on their own using BuddyAPI (baOpenURL).

      The same errors appear regardless of how the link is set up in Director.

      My hunch is that this is a Safari/Mac browser issue, but I'm not sure if I need to specify the browser for Macs via Lingo, or stick with default.

      I've tried to change the "preferred browser" (in preferences) for the Mac projector to Safari, but it won't let me change it from IE (the default on my machine, a PC).

      Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.