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      I manage a multi platform development application. Most of our customers use windows but we have a significant amount of mac users and linux users. We are looking for a help authoring tool. I am considering robohelp but i am getting the impression it only workd for Internet Explorer or has severe limitations on firefox. Does robohelp work for firefox? What about on safari or firefox for mac? Is there a recommended alternative?
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          Hi epicwinter and welcome to our community. TBH I doubt you'll find a HAT that seemlessly works with all browsers. Sure RH works with Firefox and IE (can't speak for Safari as I've not used it) but just like any third party product how it reacts depends on what you're trying to do. That said, it's pretty rare that there are problems posted on here that can't be solved and that are problems with RH itself. Most of the time they're down to browser settings, local set-up, etc. You're best bet is to look back through these forums for issues and see what people have said. Best of luck.
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            You may also be interested in checking out a beta of CSS Advisor. Click on this link for further details. If it does as it says it will solve a lot of cross browser issues.