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    value of drop down won't commit...




      I am having an issue I hope one of you smarties can assist me with.


      Here is what I have placed into the Custom Calculation Script of the SigName2 (combo box) field:


      this.getField("SigName2").setItems([this.getField("NONEFORSIG").value,this.getField("A_NAME").value, this.getField("B_NAME").value, this.getField("C_NAME").value, this.getField("D_NAME").value, this.getField("E_NAME").value, this.getField("F_NAME").value, this.getField("G1_NAME").value, this.getField("G2_NAME").value, this.getField("G3_NAME").value, this.getField("G4_NAME").value]);


      It give me the values in the combo box but when I click off the field it disappears. I have tried this at the page open level too and it commits but disappears when I open the page again. I'm thinking that this needs to be done at the document level but I have little experience with this; what I tried didn't work there either.


      Any advice you have is greatly appreciated.


      Thank you,