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    Assigning Map IDs when using Version Control




      We are using RH11 with version control (two of us have licences to use RH) I am wanting to assign Map IDs in our project. I created the map number, but when I go to assign it to a topic, I get the the following message.


      "The files in the list below could not be checked out from version control. Exclusive access to these files is required to execute the selected action"
      The file in the list that it is referring to has the extension .ali


      Is this saying that because there are two of us with RH that can access the project that I can't do this? Or is it because of the version control I cannot do this? I don't really understand why? I am hoping there is an expert who can enlighten me!


      Thanks, Louise

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          Willam van Weelden Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          There are two reasons that this behaviour normally occurs:

          1. The file is checked out by the other author. This happens when you both are trying to add new map id's at the same time. If the other author checks in the entire project, you should be fine.
          2. The file is somehow located outside source control. In this scenario your source control link has issues. Try opening the Source Control application to see what is going on.


          Can you also try checking out the entire project before adding the map id. Does that help?