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    Adobe Digital Editions /Windows 8.1


      I have tried numerous times to install Digital Editions to my computer with 8.1 Windows.  It immediately comes up showing a screen with a few random library books I borrowed in 2013.  There are no options to connect to anything, including my library, and I cannot get/see any of the titles currently checked out.  I want to be able to check out library books and sideload them to my new Nook Glow (you cannot directly download to it.)  In the past, I have downloaded library books directly to my tablet and phone using an app called Overdrive with no problems.  I can download that app to my computer, and it shows my currently checked out books, but gives no option to save, copy, past or drag so that I can sideload it to the Nook Glow.  I have spent many hours trying everything I could think of, and so has the Geek Squad and Nook support.  I am so frustrated. I just want to be able to sideload library books onto my Nook Glow.  There has to be some way to do it.