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    Acrobat 11 Javascript (event.target.buttonImportIcon();) problem (Image) open with Reader


      Hello to everbody (sorry for my bad English).


      I have done a kind of card (Form), where I need to have: the name, age, the book he likes to read and few more things, like to have one image of the kid with his book(Where I need real Help)


      The work has been done in Indesign CS2  >>  Acrobat Pro (>>use the button solution to settle this question - event.target.buttonImportIcon();<<)


      In my computer work's perfectly, even when I try with Acrobat Reader.


      But when I go to other computer, where I only have the Reader ( "I" or another person will do that part - text/image information) ... the part of the query works perfectly again ... BUT!


      When I want to insert the image of the kid ... Doesn't work - it does nothing!


      Could be because the Security Policies (NetWork)? But its strange, it's works in mine! ...


      I also try to download a Template where I can insert the photo, but didn't find nothing


      this is not a profitable project, but a social project (about children and books)


      So if anybody could give me a hand - can be sure is contributing to my day.


      From Portugal, Carlos Santos - Thanks.