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    Link in .chm file to Flash movie in FLVPlayer 8

      I am trying to launch a Flash movie in Flash Player 8 from within a compiled help project. But all I get is a blank frame. Can you help please?

      Here's what I did:

      (1) Published the video in Flash with FLVPlayer 8 and the HTML option set to Flash HTTPS (so it would detect if the user had the right version of Flash at runtime and provide a link to download Flash if necessary).
      (2) Imported the Flash files as baggage files in the RoboHelp project. There are four files: xxx.html, xxx.swf, xxx.flv, and SteelExternalAll.swf. The .flv file is about 11 MG.
      (3) Put a link in an existing topic (on an image map) to xxx.html. Target file was set to open in same frame (but also tried setting it to open in a new window and that didnt' work either).
      (4) Generated the compiled help.
      (5) Click on the link in the compiled help and you get a blank page.

      Some curious things:

      (1) WebHelp generated from this same project works fine; the link launches the movie.
      (2) RoboHelp says there are no broken links in the project.
      (3) The baggage files do indeed seem to be in the .chm file. If I use "Convert to Source" on the .chm file, I see all four baggage files.

      I've been struggling with this for days and would really appreciate any suggestions.