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    Webhelp, Context Sensitive Help, & Delphi

      Hello folks,

      This post is probably better suited for a Delphi forum, but I have always been able to find help here and I figure others might want to know about this as well and/or have the same problems/concerns.

      I have been using RoboHelp to produce HTML Help (.CHM file output) for the past year. I have used the .CHM file with context-sensitive help with a Delphi 2005 application using the HTMLHelpViewer found at HelpScribble. and have been able to link it to the MenuMain (the main menu) using the following code:

      htmlhelp( MenuMainForm.Handle, 'VRHelp\VRHelp.chm', HH_HELP_FINDER, 0);

      I have been debating whether or not to switch to WebHelp. WebHelp would be a better solution for our clients because they do a lot of work on network/shared drives and .CHMs do not function properly over a network. (Yes, I know there are worksarounds, but I would not feel safe advising large corprorations to change their registry settings.)

      In order to make the switch to WebHelp, this means I need to figure out how to get Delphi to read an .HTM file instead of the .CHM, and I am not sure how to go about this. I assumed I could go into the HTMLHelpViewer and change the reference of '.chm' to '.htm' but that does not seem to work. Is there different code that needs to be used, and if so, what is it?

      If anyone knows any web sites that would have outlined this information, that would be appreciated.