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    Will Digital Editions Recognize SD Card on Nook?

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      This seems like an obvious question but I'm having trouble finding an answer. I use ADE to download library books, first to my PC and then to my Nook. A recent download was a large guide book (170K) and after that I found out the basic Nook (Simple Touch) only has about 250K for ADE books. I decided to add a 16 GB Micro SD card to the Nook. When I connected the Nook to my PC, Windows Explorer shows the Nook and a Removable Disk (SD Card). ADE only shows the Nook as an attached device. I decided to download a number of large books. The only way I could do it was to use ADE to download it to the Nook where they would end up in the Nook's Digital Editions folder and I would have to drag and drop the EPUB onto the Removable DIsk (SD card) using Windows Explorer so I would have enough room to download the next book. Is this the only way to do this? Is there any way for ADE to recognize the SD Card? In my "borrowed" folder of library books in ADE, the books that I had to move onto the SD card say the source is "missing" (because it's not in the Digital Editions folder on the Nook). If I de-authorize the Nook and reauthorize it, will it recognoze the SD Card? Do I need to move the Digital Editions folder to the SD card? Do I have to add a Digital Editions folder on the SD Card? I can find the books to read on the Nook but this is a pretty strange way to do things.

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          After posting this question I found a suggestion on the Nook Forum, tried it and it worked. I figure that I might as well share it. In Windows Explorer you need to name the SD Card "NOOK SD" (right-click on "removeable disk" and use "rename") and then copy the folder ".adobe-digital-editions" (with its contents) from the Nook to the SD card. When you start up ADE, both the NOOK and NOOK SD show up as devices. The sources for the "borrowed books" are no longer missing and the books can be read from the SD card. I'm not sure why this isn't explained anywhere but I'm happy now.

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            Thank you!!!!  This was driving me insane. 

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              I have been trying to get this to work for too long now. Lots of wastrel time

              The work around above allows ADE to see my SD card, A big step forward.


              I am trying to get ADE to save to and read from the SD card on my Bookeen Cybook Gen 3.

              copying the ".adobe-digital-editions" folder as above to the SD card makes ADE recognise the SD card as a device and I can save to the card from ADE.

              Unfortunately the books now saved in the Digital Editions folder on the SD card do not show up on my reader, no matter what I label the SD card as.

              It may work on the Nook but does not fully work on the Bookeen Cybook Gen 3.

              I will raise a ticket at Bookeen and see if I can get a work around or solution.

              Soooo close but not there yet