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    Auto Numbering Reset

    mpkadobe Level 1

      I have a booked laid out in CS5 InDesign. Page numbers were added in the page master by placing a text box at the bottom of each page and putting an auto numbering text in it.


      Some pages in the book, however, are blank and don't need numbers, so I went in and manually removed the numbers on those pages. I did this by pressing Command + Shift and clicking the dashed text box at the bottom of the page. The text box then becomes possible to manipulate. After that I did one of two things:

           1) Deleted the page number inside the text box

           2) Deleted the text box itself.


      (I think I should have just deleted the page numbers but in some cases I deleted the whole text box.)


      Now the text has changed slightly, and some pages that used to be blank are no longer blank, so I need to add some page numbers back in.


           1) In the case where I deleted the page number inside the text box I know I can just type the right number in but is there a way that I can ask auto-text to automatically add the correct number?


           2) In the case where I deleted the whole text box, I know I can add a new text box on that page but it won't be connected to the auto-numbering system. Is there a way I can reinstate the auto-text box?


      Thank you.




      using: Mac OS 10.9.5, InDesign CS5

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          Frans van der Geest (ACP) Adobe Community Professional

          First learn how to use InDesign by buying a book or following lessons.

          Page numbering is done by inserting the special text character/Marker/current page number in a text frame on a Master page. On document pages you can use Numbering and Section Options from the fly out menu in the Pages panel to define start numbers etc.

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            brown1982 Level 1

            The best way is make 2 master-pages.

            1 Master page; contains a page number

            2nd Master page; contains none page number

            Now its only up 2 you to add the master pages on the pages of the story.

            If there are more pages with page numbers, i first should add to all pages (by selecting and adding) master pages 1 (with numbers).

            Than scroll within the document and add the master pages with none page number on the pages thats should have none.

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              To reinstate the original text frame from the master page, reapply the master by dragging it from the top of the pages panel and dropping it onto the correct page in the lower section.

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                mpkadobe Level 1

                Thank you Peter;


                I hadn't realized that master pages could be dropped on existing pages. I thought they were only for initial set up.