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    Self discovering menu


      I need a menu that, instead of using an XML file to obtain cascading menu choices, parses directory and file names structure to provide cascading menu choices.

      When a user selects from a 3rd level menu choice e.g. Genesis -> Gen 1 -> Gen 1.1
      the script ...
      loads the Gen1.1.txt file located in the Genesis/Gen 1/ directory into _root
      and then executes gotoAndPlay(##)

      It would be nice to have the menu be able to work in reverse such that when the user chooses <back> in the main application frame the menu can be reloaded at the point where it was left.

      Is there code available that does this kind of file explorer type of menu thing? Maybe it has utility for others as well who organize their data by directory structure AND need a self discovering menu to access that data.

      My target platform is Flash lite #.