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    Adobe Touch Apps won't send to/open in Desktop Apps

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      When I create anything is any of the Adobe Touch Apps (Draw, Line, Comp, Sketch) and then click the "send to Photoshop", "send to Illustrator", or "send to InDesign" (depending on the app/program) the app will say that it has sent but then nothing opens in the desktop programs. That being said, all of the Library apps work perfect and sync as they should (such as Color and Shape)


      What I'm Working With:

      I have the most updated versions of all the touch apps, the updated version of my Mac OS, and I'm on the monthly subscription of the most updated versions of Creative Cloud.


      What I've Tried:

      • uninstalled and reinstalled all software and apps
      • rebooted the computer and iPad (both hard and soft)
      • contacted Adobe Chat
      • contacted Mac Support Chat


      What's we (Adobe/Mac) have concluded:

      If I'm logged into this computer with my default admin account the apps will NOT send/sync. If I log into this computer with a different admin account it will send/sync perfectly and all files that were sent will all start opening in the appropriate program.


      • When I contacted Adobe and they took control of my computer, they said that this was a Mac profile issue and to contact Mac.
      • When I contacted Mac and they took control of my computer, they said that this is not a profile issue and that there is something wrong with the Adobe programs. They recommended that I contact Adobe to see which "plist" files I can delete in order to have them rebuild upon reboot. I have not been able to get home from work in time to get back onto the chat session with Adobe since.


      Adobe/Mac Suggested "workaround":

      log out of my default account and log into my other admin account on this computer when ever I want to work with the Adobe Touch Apps.




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