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    lightroom/ 2 computers


      if i work on photos on desktop and want to continue working on laptop. Can it be done

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          Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Yes. The simplest way is to put your catalog and images on an external drive. Another way is to use a networked drive and put your images on there. Unfortunately Lightroom will not allow you to put the catalog on a networked drive without hacks so you have to implement a regimen in this option. You do a "save metadata" on all the images you are working on on one computer. This will save xmp files along your images. Quit out of Lightroom and go to your other computer. There you do a load metadata from file and all the changes will have transferred. This is fraught with pitfalls that can make you lose changes so you have to be very strict in applying the regimen of saving all out of one computer, than closing out of Lightroom there before you open Lightroom on the other and load from there as you lose changes done on the second computer. The same can be accomplished using traveling catalogs that you import on the other machine, but it is slightly more involved.