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    Transactions with DataManagementService

      Hi all,
      I've got a question about transactions with FDS and DataManagement
      Service Assemblers.
      I would like to know if that's possible to handle multiple changes on
      dataBase records within the same transaction.
      Usually FDS handle single actions when the user commit the changes,
      performing the sequence of update-insert-delete using the updateItem,
      deleteItem and createItem methods.
      If there's a problem with one of this methods, the system rollback
      only the problematic record change and persists all the previuos changes.
      Do you know if there's a way to do alle the changes within the same
      transaction, rolling back all the changes if there's a problem?
      Is there something in DataManagament Services that i can use or
      configure in order to obtain a real transactional assembler?

      Thank you very much,

      Fabio Sebastiano
      DataSoftware S.r.l.
      Corso Fiume 17
      10091 Torino