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    Ljudet försvinner i Premiere Elements

    Per Amundsson



      Förra sommaren köpte jag en videokamera från Panasonic, HC-X920, som filmar i formatet AVCHD. Med kameran följde ett enklare redigeringsprogram, HD Reader AE 5.0. Jag köpte också Premiere Elements 12 och en övningsbok till programmet från Adobe. Jag filmade sedan lite under sommaren, bl a ett bröllop. När jag tittar på mina egna filmer på datorn försvinner ljudet efter några sekunder. Detta händer med alla mina egna videofiler och varje gång jag tittar på dem. Det händer däremot inte med de videofiler som man kan ladda ned från Peachpit som övningsmaterial till boken. Jag kan se mina egna filmer med ljud i programmet från Panasonic, och har därför valt att klippa dem där. Jag kan även se dem med ljud med den vanliga mediaspelaren. Jag vill dock kunna arbeta med dem i Premiere Elements. Att ljudet försvinner är därför oerhört frustrerande för mig. Jag tror att Adobes programvara är bäst och hade planerat att på lite sikt gå över till Premier Pro. Jag behöver därför hjälp att lösa detta problem så att jag kan komma igång med redigeringen.


      Jag har diskuterat problemet med några datakunniga personer och fått lite olika förslag:


      1) Konvertera videofilerna till ett annat format. (Ska detta verkligen behövas? AVCHD är väl ett av de vanligaste formaten, och Premiere Elements ska väl kunna hantera det?)

      2) Byt ändelse på videofilernas namn. (Varför skulle det hjälpa? Det är ju fortfarande samma filer med samma tekniska egenskaper.)

      3) Prova att importera videofilerna från kamerans minneskort med Premiere Elements i stället för HD Reader eller något annat program.

      4) Avinstallera QuickTime och ladda ned programmet på nytt för att få den senaste versionen.


      Jag har inte hunnit prova något av dessa förslag ännu. Vad säger Ni som är experter på Premiere? Verkar något av ovanstående förslag vettigt eller ska jag prova med något annat, i så fall vad?


      Någon undrar kanske vad jag har för dator. Det är en HP Pavilion med 2 TB hårddisk, 16 GB arbetsminne, I7-processor, Nvidia Geforce grafikkort och Bluray-brännare. Den spelar som sagt upp mina filmer med ljud i andra program, så den det är nog inget fel på datorn.


      Med vänlig hälsning


      Per Amundsson

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          A.T. Romano Level 7

          Per Amundson


          This is not Adobe. Rather user to user. So, I am not sure of your understanding of this since you do include "your" in the message.


          Please clarify

          When I look at my own movies on your PC sound disappears after a few seconds. This happens with all my own videos and every time I look at them, it happens with the video files that you can download from Peachpit as practice material for the book.

          Are you talking about your own movies and the Peachpit samples in computer player or in the playback of these files within Premiere Elements Editor 12/12.1? Is the Elements Organizer 12/12.1 player involved in any of this?


          From what I have read of your camera and what you have written, you appear to want to edit

          AVCHD 2.0 video compression

          Probably Dolby Digital audio (is that 2 or 5.1 channel?)

          all, wrapped with the .mts container/wrapper format represented by the .mts file extension.

          File is probably 1920 x 1080p25 or p50.

          Please verify.


          Have you tried to export an AVCHD file with AAC audio from your camera? If so, is the sound lost along the way to the video editor?

          Also, please clarify, in Premiere Elements Editor...is the audio imported linked to the video, but you cannot hear the audio in the Edit area?

          Or, is there no evidence of an audio component being imported along with the video component?



          1) Convert the video files to another format. (Should this really be needed? AVCHD is probably one of the most common formats, and Premiere Elements will be well able to cope with it?)

          Comment: File is composed of video compression, audio compression, and wrapper format represented by the file extension.

          Each of those components may be supported by a program individually but certain combinations of them may be problematic. File conversion often includes conversion of the video and audio compression. This matter may be an audio and not video compression issue, but the conversion would impact the both.


          2) replace the extension on videofilernas name. (Why would it help? It's still the same files with the same technical properties.)

          Comment: You should not have to replace .mts with .mp4. But you could try. You could also try to convert the file in HandBrake to get a H.264.mp4.


          3) Try to import video files from camera memory cards with Premiere Elements instead of HD Reader or some other program.

          Comment: I would look at the highest quality footage from the camera transferred to the computer hard drive and from there imported into Premiere Elements with Premiere Elements Add Media/Files and Folders. Take HD Reader or some other program out of the equation.


          4) Uninstall QuickTime and download the application to get the latest version.

          Comment: What do you mean by this? Do you have the latest version of QuickTime installed on your computer at the present time. If not, please do so on general principles if nothing else.


          I am not suggesting any of the above on a permanent basis...the above is suggested to gather information to put together to discover where you are not recovering the recorded audio and to define the Premiere Elements involvement in this matter.



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            Per Amundsson Level 1

            Hello mr Romano


            Thank you for your reply and your advices. I realize that i need to switch to English and make some things clear. First, the sound  disappears when i try to watch my own video files, files  from my Panassonic Camera, in the Premiere Elements organizer. This problem does not occur with the lesson files from Peachpit. For this reason, i have choosen to edit my own material in HD Reader, the software from Panasonic that came with the camera.


            It is correct that i want to edit AVCHD, because that is the format that my camera shoots in. I do not remember allt the technical specifiacations. I need to check this up and get back. I have imported material from my camera to my computer, yes, and then to Premiere Elements, where the problems with the sound occur. I can Watch the same material with HD Reader or the  Windows Media Player, without loss of sound. I am not  sure if an audio componenet is imported with the video Component, but i guess it should be, and as i stated above, i can Watch my video files with the soumd using other programs.


            I will try all the other advices that i have received, like converting the video files, changing their names, importing them once again from my camera using  Premiere Elements instead of HD Reader and downloading QuickTime once again. I am willing spend a lot of  effort to get started with Premiere Elements, because this software have more features than the other ones on my computer.


            Finally, i would very much appreciate if some specialist working at Adobe could try to give me some advice here.


            Best regards


            Per Amundsson, Sweden

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              A.T. Romano Level 7

              Per Amundsson


              Thank you for your reply.


              Very important...you seem to have said that your problem is with audio playback in the Elements Organizer 12.

              You wrote

              First, the sound  disappears when i try to watch my own video files, files  from my Panasonic Camera, in the Premiere Elements organizer.

              1. Have you updated Elements Organizer 12 to 12.1 using the Help Menu/Updates? If not, please do that.

              2. Can you import your camera's video into Premiere Elements 12/12.1 Editor with Add Media/Files and Folders/Project Assets? If you can, can you then drag the video from Project Assets to the Timeline and get audio as well as video playback from the file in the Edit area monitor? And, if you export that Timeline content, do you get audio in the export?


              The Elements Organizer player has problems with certain formats. Each version seems to have its unique set of issues in this regard. The problems vary from version to version. Right now we need to know the answers to those two important questions above.


              As I mentioned before, this is not Adobe. And the frequency of the appearance of Adobe Staff and PRE_help in this Adobe Premiere Elements Forum is undefined. Adobe support for even its current version Premiere Elements 13/13.1 is very limited (essentially to Orders and Activation issues). Typically Adobe offers some support to only the current version. And, you are working with Premiere Elements 12/12.1.


              Please review and consider. And, then we will be directed by your reply.


              Thank you.



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                Per Amundsson Level 1

                Hello again

                I recently took a course in Photoshop Elements. Our teacher had earlier given Courses in Premiere Elements, so i asked him about my problem. He suggested that i should try downloading a certain codec, a so-called AC3 filter. I have no idea what an AC3 filter is, but it was free, so i tried it and - Bingo! - now i can watch my own videos in Premiere Elements with sound. My video camera records video of excellent quality and now i can finally start working with my own material in Premiere Elements. This is wonderful!


                So if anyone encounters the same problem that i had, that  you cannot Watch your own AVCHD files with sound in Premiere Elements, try this. Start here:


                How to Install AC3 Codec | eHow


                Best regards


                Per  Amundsson

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                  A.T. Romano Level 7

                  Per Amundsson


                  Thank you for the update, and wonderful news that a download and install of an AC3 (Audio Coding 3) codec resolved your issue.


                  However, it would be helpful to know the following:


                  When I asked if the sound problem was in Premiere Elements Editor or Elements Organizer, you seem to say that the problem was in the play back of your file containing AC3 audio in the Elements Organizer. It is important to know if you had no sound for your file containing AC3 audio in the Premiere Elements Editor as well during the time of your playback problem with this file in the Elements Organizer.


                  There is a difference between a codec not being installed and it not be recognized by the program. The information that I seek might help us clarify that point for those reading your problem and its solution and having a problem file with specifically Dolby Digital audio.


                  Thank you.



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                    Per Amundsson Level 1

                    Hello again


                    It is definitely an interesting question if the problem with the sound occurs only in The Organizer or if it would remain when starting a Project in The Editor. However, i never moved on to editing my video files when i could not play them with sound in The Organizer, and  now it is probably to late to examine this as i have already successfully downloaded and installed the codec and thus eliminated the problem in The Organizer. From now on, i will probably be able to watch and work with my own video files in both The ORganizer  and The Editor. Of course, if  i had not installed the codec, it would have been interesting to start up a Project in The Editor and see if it had worked there anyway, despite the problems with sound in The Organizer.


                    Thank you


                    Per A

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                      A.T. Romano Level 7

                      Per Amundsson


                      Thanks for the reply.


                      That Premiere Elements Editor versus Elements Organizer information would have been very very interesting.


                      But, we are very glad that you are moving forward with your Premiere Elements and Elements Organizer projects. Great job.


                      Thank you for sharing your follow up information with us.


                      Best wishes



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                        Hi I have the same/similar problem as you. I imported my files to the computer from the camera. I can watch the movie in any other player, but as soon as I import into Premier Elements 11 the sound dissapears after a few minutes. I have imported 5 files from ther same camera and I only have the problem on one of them.....

                        Anyway, I tried to download the AC3 codes as you suggersted, unfortunately it didn't help. Did you do any configuration after installation? Did you start a new project in Premier Elements?


                        Thanks for your help


                        Regards Nina

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                          A.T. Romano Level 7



                          Please confirm the Premiere Elements version and computer involved in your case. And, is the sound problem in the Elements Organizer player or additionally if the file is first imported into the Premiere Elements Editor and you are viewing/listening to the playback of the rendered Timeline there?

                          What are the video audio properties specific to you situation?