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    Install wont prompt


      WWhen I click install on webpage nothing happens

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          eossipov Level 1

          Could I ask which browser you are using. I have been having the same issue with Firefox and to a much lessor degree Chrome.

          With firefox I just choose another browser, I can't even login to websites such as twitter with it. ( just in the last few days, I think that last security update messed with some javascript)

          With Chrome, if I refresh the browser then the button will be active again.

          I use IE much less, but I haven't been having the button issue with it at all. ( of course I'm on a MS operating system too) :S


          Try the refresh if that doesn't work then try a different browser. Double check your system is up-to-date.


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            Varun Bhal Adobe Employee



            Please specifiy your issue in detail so that we can assist you better.

            Which browser and OS you are using ?