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    iPad Acrobat DC with DropBox


      With the new Acrobat DC, I can not seem to find a way to access any of my .pdf files on DropBox. This will kill my business and that of most mobile Realtors and others that use this basic system. Am I missing something or did this new "update/release" leave me completely stuck without an option? Please help with any ideas that can assist thousands of mobile workers.

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          MobileDeveloperCK Adobe Employee



          Acrobat DC for iOS supports Adobe Document Cloud (formerly known as Acrobat.com) as the cloud storage.  It has never provided the "integrated" (in-app) support for Dropbox before.


          But you can use the iOS "Open In" feature to open a file from Dropbox and save it to Dropbox.


          Dropbox -> Acrobat DC


          To open a PDF document from Dropbox, please see the Dropbox section of the following FAQ document.


          How to open PDF documents in Adobe Reader (iPad on iOS 7 or 8 version)


          Acrobat DC -> Dropbox


          To save a PDF document (opened in Acrobat DC for iOS) to Dropbox

          1. Make sure that the PDF document is opened in Viewer (with the light blue icon ion the upper left corner).
          2. Tap the Share icon in the bottom bar.
          3. Select "Open In...".
          4. Select "Open in Dropbox".
          5. In Save to Dropbox, select a file location.
          6. Tap Save.


          Please note that Dropbox's PDF previewer does not show annotations (e.g. Sticky Notes, Highlight, Freehand Drawing) or filled forms data in a PDF document.  It does not mean that they are lost.  You just need to view the PDF document in Acrobat DC for iOS.


          Of course, it would require fewer steps if you use Adobe Document Cloud in Acrobat DC for iOS. 


          Hope this helps.

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            bobc999 Level 1

            Thank you so much for your reply. I spoke to two different people at Adobe tech support and they told me that what I was trying to do was no longer possible. Your answer has really saved my mobile business.



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              MobileDeveloperCK Adobe Employee



              The latest version (15.2.0) of Acrobat Reader for iOS offers the integrated cloud storage support with Dropbox!




              Would you please give it a try and let us know what you think?


              Thank you!