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    Please Help! Lost all Lightroom Mobile edited photos when tried to sync to computer.

    daniela22245177 Level 1

      Hi everyone,


      I was working on a set of some 600 photos on Lightroom Mobile. I edited  them and wanted to sync them on my computer with Lightroom for desktop. I hadn't yet signed up for Creative Cloud for my computer, but did so to  get the desktop apps and paid the $9.99/m. When I got Lightroom on my  Desktop the sync failed, and only got as far as 14 photos and said there was some "unknown error". I tried to unsync and sync again but no luck. I went back to my Lightroom Mobile and then all the folders I had made were unsynced and were reset to 0 photos. All of the albums were  originally synced to Creative Cloud, like Lightroom Mobile does so they should not be completely lost, but then again, I went on my CC account and looked at  my "Assets" and it said my folders were empty, which I just don't understand seeing as how at least 14 photos did aparently transfer to my Desktop Lightroom. I feel that my login on  my Mobile and my Desktop is under the same login [removed by moderator] but it's seeing the information as different accounts somehow but I'm drawing a blank. I tried logging off Mobile and on again, and it's telling me "No Collections Yet" which is giving me a lot of lost  hope


      ...I have a client waiting on these photos who has already paid for these and had my word I would get it to her this weekend. I have 2  weeks of edits here, and really just don't have the bandwidth to do them all over again.


      I can't tell you how much your help with this would be appreciated to anyone that knows how to fix this issue.


      Thank you all!