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    Strange issues

    Lopesco Level 1



      Has somebody  experienced some strange issues after the last draw update?

      some of them are:


      1) a grey background at every layer that can be erased;

      2) When you erase some point at any layer, you erase the drawing part you want, plus the cited grey bg, which reveal a white background and after that, you cannot see the content at the layer below, just the created erased white bg;

      3) and now the worst: when you erase a part of a drawing in a layer, you end up erasing the content of other layers simultaneously, in other words: even if you have 3 different layers in ex, it is acting like there's just one (or if all the layers were merged).


      All these things started to happen here after the last Adobe Draw update.

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          Jose Wong Adobe Employee



          We have not see this behavior. If you are still seeing these issues, can you share the following information :


          1. iOS device

          2. OS info

          3. Do these issues happen all the time or are there any specifics steps to introduce the issues?




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            Lopesco Level 1

            HI Jose.



            1. iPad 4 non jailbroken,

            2. OS 8.1.3

            3. It happens all the time with Adobe Draw (Adobe line it's ok). It doesn't need a trigger: when you create a new project with its 5 drawing slots, you can see that the BG is on a light grey instead of white, and when you erase someting on a superior layer, you erase this light grey BG revealing an opaque white BG, that deny you from seeing the layers below


            AN example:


            an image with 2 layers, being letters above and traces bellow


            ANd the same image with the letter being erased


            AS you can see, erasing the upper layer creates something as a white mask.


            thank you

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              Jose Wong Adobe Employee



              Based on the images, seems like you are applying one of the tools with white color, instead of using the eraser. Please try the following:


              Tap on the "Tool Selection" icon


              Now the tool bar changes to different tools available, please select the Eraser tool and to do erasing as needed




              Hope this helps,


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                Lopesco Level 1

                oh my... You're completely right... My fault

                AS i'm not so used with Draw as I was with Ideas, I've selected the wrong tool.

                thank you