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    flash player installer


      I'm using google chrome for windows 7. and its not working.. one website i visit it says i need an upgrade then another says i dont have it.. i visited so many websites lookng for answers. i went to chrome://plugins/ and theres only one flash player on it. and many places i visited everyone had either two or three... does anyone know why? the i went to the start menu then control panel then the flash player settings manager then to update it says ActiveX Version: Not installed.. NPAPI Plug-on Version:,. PPAPI: Not installed. i dont understand whats going on. im so tired of hearing that chrome comes with it automatically. please someone help with i dont know what else to do.

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          andys75622553 Level 3

          Did you try the following Adobe website?  Go down to the bottom where it says, "Still having problems?"


          Installation problems | Flash Player | Windows

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            dawnmk44 Level 1

            yeah i tried that,,, it says"Flash player is pre-installed in google chrome.." your flash version is your brower name google chrome your operating system windows 7... i just checked it on firefox to see if it would be different. but on both browsers i can go on youtube and play some games. but on other thing i cant do.. its like it picks and chooses what to work on... this is what keeps popping up everytime i try on somethings

            "Click here to upgrade to the latest Adobe Flash Player!

            If you are still having troubles running the game, you may need to uninstall the earlier version of Flash first. Click here for instructions on how to uninstall Flash."

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              andys75622553 Level 3

              If you post back during the week, the Adobe staff should be able to figure this out.


              They will probably ask you to post a screen shot of the problem, so if it happens again save a screen shot or use snip and clip to save a picture you can post..