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    Conditional Tags

      With the conditional tags, is it possible to display certain information based on who is accessing the file?

      For example, some of our help procedures are different depending on the region - MAR, ON, and WEST. If a staff member is located in the West region, then they do not need to filter through all of the Maritimes and Ontario information to get their own. Is it possible to determine who is accessing the help system (username and id, similar to when we sign on to the intranet) and then generate the material for the user?

      Or set up links to the data - for example, can we create one large document and have three links at the top. If the user selects ON then the Ontario information is displayed and the Maritimes and West information is hidden. This approach would eliminate the need for a username and id.

      Any ideas or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.