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    Lightroom 5: Can't see Auto-tone function and can't edit photos


      Hi, this is a really strange question:  I imported some photos and was just randomly pressing the Auto-tone function on the right panel (when I'm in Develop module), and all of a sudden (not sure if I pressed a certain function accidentally) but suddenly I'm not able to see the Auto-tone function (even though I can still do it if I press Command+U.  Also I can't seem to adjust/edit my photos (shifting the contrast etc) ie if I shift the bars, they don't reflect in the photos.  Also, whatever adjustments I try to make get "carried forward" to the next photo.  I just seemed to be in some strange mode.... maybe copy/paste?  Totally not sure what is happening. Separately, I see in my history, there is a "Import xxxx", is this normal?  As you can tell, I'm totally new to LR.  Thanks!