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    Technical simulations, sliders, calculations and read out in text field


      What i want to do (if this is possible) is to make a number of technical simulations, using sliders for reading in parameters, then making some calculations using a mathematical formula, and then to be able to read the result in an output text field.


      As my "simulation prototype" is now, its only a presentation that can move to five different locations on the Edge Animate timeline. For some purposes this can work ok, but I would also like to "build out" my prototype to be able to use more than one parameter input and to be able to us continuous analogue input and output values.


      My existing Edge Animate prototype: Ohms-lov


      If possible, I would like to build it out with some of the functionality from this model (that is also HTML5): Ohm's Law 1.2.0


      After reading courseware and documentation my conclusion is now that Adbobe Edge Animate is without any kind of native support for such a technical oriented visual simulation.


      It can be included, but the only way to do it is by programming it all "by hand" using JavaScript and libraries.


      There is actually only one Adobe Product that can make such a "technical oriented visual simulation" using more or less prebuilt functions and that is Flash Professional.


      Some times in a project it is quite important to understand what is possible to to, and what is not possible to do, to then work against solutions that can work.


      My conclusion until now is that "Adobe Edge Animate" does not have any "prebuilt" or "built in" functions to produce these kind of "technical simulations".


      The only way to do this using Edge Animate is to program all functions "manually" writing your own text based code in JavaScript.


      Please correct me if I am wrong. (And this time I would be very pleased to find out I am wrong.)