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    Vertical justification doesn’t work properely with InDesign CC 2014

    Olfar Level 2

      Lets do a simple test.

      Please do prepare two paragraph style


      1. "paragrah style with all lines align to grid".

      2. "pragraph style with no allign to grid".


      Draw two connected frames on the same spread.

      Set up the text to have a few paragraphs and one multiline paragraph between the spread.

      Style the whole text using "paragraph all lines align to grid".

      Now using keep options on this multiline paragraphs move one line form first frame to the next frame.

      Press commadn or control B an set up vertical justification on the first frame.

      Go to the second frame and change this multiline paragraf to "Pargraph style witho no align to grid"

      And you will have smething likie this"


      Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 19.42.51.png


      Is it a bug or a new feature of InD CC 2014?@ !