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    add another Row in a DG

    187_2007 Level 1
      I hope this is not a stupid QUESTION. I have a DataGrid with several Columns in it. There are 3 Rows in the DG. If I want to type another row can I do it by just typing in that NEW column?


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      I want to add another row under the last one. Can someone point me in the direction?
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          FlightGuy Level 1
          To the best of my knowlege, DataGrid will only let you do anything on a row that has data behind it. What I do to accomplish this is to always have one blank row at the end. The moment the user makes a change it that row (starts putting data into it), I create another blank row. Then when they save their data, I trim the empty row off the end.

          You could, feasibly, extend the DataGrid class and build the functionality into it.