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    I own CS6 on my old laptop and can't find the discs.  How can I recover it and install it on my new laptop?


      I have the serial number for CS4, and I have the box for CS5, but can't find CS6.  However CS6 is installed on my old laptop.  I am moving to a newer laptop, and discovered the absence of the discs.  I probably stored in my office and can't find them now.  In fact, the office is a disaster since my husband died and I can't find anything!  Well, maybe the printer, but that's about it.  Any suggestions?  I do not want to start paying $50 a month for a subscription or even $20.  I want CS6 on here.  Is there a download online for owners?  I think I can get the serial number on CS6 that is installed on my old laptop.


      Used to be you could chat online with a customer service rep and get this all straightened out.  Now I can only find help in forums.  If anyone knows how to get through to a customer service rep, please let me know.


      Thanks in advance for ANY help!