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    How can I move a picture in Premiere Elements 12 without having it leave a gap?

    Rickster213 Level 1

      I have 133 pictures in a project with audio tracks playing while the pictures are being displayed.  I want to move some of the pictures around.  In Pinnacle Studio, a product I am familiar with, which unfortunately is not available on an iMac,  I simply select a picture, drag it to where I want it, and presto - all done, no gaps, and the audio track (which I have locked) is not impacted.  In Premiere Elements 12, when I move a picture, it leaves a gap of a black display where the picture was instead of shifting everything over like I assume most people would want it to do. 


      To make matters worse, Premiere then inserts a gap in the audio track at the location where I moved my picture.  Apparently the software thinks I don't want the music to play over my picture at its new location.  Then, when I try to select the blank area where my picture used to be and do "delete and close gap" it doesn't get rid of the entire gap. 


      I solved part of the problem by deleting the audio file, which I don't think I should have to do, but that's a function lacking in Premiere, not allowing me to lock the audio track.  So now the "delete and close gap" will work with the audio gone, but is there a way to simply move a picture from one location to another and just adjust all the other pictures so as not to leave a gap? 


      Am I the only one who thinks that not leaving a gap should be the default?  Why leave a gap just moving a picture from one location to another?  If the intent was to add another picture later, you just slip it in place.  I don't get it.


      Thanks for any help anyone has.



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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          Have you looked at Delete and Close Gap as well as Delete for what you describe?

          Nonetheless, adding or moving clips to an existing Timeline content without disturbing the existing Timeline content can be challenging and complex under certain scenarios.


          Typical solutions include making these moves with a keyboard modified held down (Windows Alt or Ctr). I am strictly an Elements Windows user, so we will need to find the Mac counterparts for the Windows keyboard modifier techniques.


          Also, if one move triggers a multi-chain disaster, then you should consider grouping block of clips so that they do not move while you are busy with your Timeline maneuvers. Check out the Clip Menu options for Group and Ungroup.


          Some times in the "Mac condition", you need to use fn in addition to the command to achieve some of these Windows counterparts.


          The following video tutorial on arranging clips and keyboard modifiers is being posted for informational non promotional reasons.

          Premiere Elements: Arranging clips on the Timeline using modifier keys | lynda.com - YouTube

          It is demo'd with Premiere Elements 8, but the principles are the same for later versions of the program.


          Here is one variation of the issue on Windows.

          ATR Premiere Elements Troubleshooting: PE: Delete and Close Gap Failures


          You should not have to delete audio to prevent it from being split by an addition to an existing Timeline. The keyboard modifiers should help you resolve this type of issue.


          Please review and consider.





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            Rickster213 Level 1

            I really don't want to delete anything.  I just want to move a clip from one location to another location without creating a gap I then have to delete. 


            Unfortunately, although the video you suggested had the work around of holding the control key while moving a clip, it doesn't work on a Mac.  I tried other options (like holding the command key) which moved the clip and replaced a clip instead of just sliding it in and moving what was there, so that wasn't what I wanted either.  I can't believe the default behavior is to leave a gap.  I've created countless videos over the years with video and picture clips and moved them frequently and never wanted to move something and leave a gap.  I just can't imagine why anyone would do that.


            Anyway, I got around the problem by just deleting the audio track which I will add back in later.  Then when I move the clips they still leave a gap but I can delete and close the gap after I move the clip.


            My latest frustration is I can't copy the text in a title box into Word where I could run a spell check.  I can copy text from a Word doc and paste it into a Premiere title box, but I can't copy and paste from a Premiere title into a Word doc.  My frustration continues with this software.


            Thanks for your input.



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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              Did you try the keyboard modifiers holding down the fn and the command?


              Maybe some good news.


              From a Premiere Elements 12 Windows perspective, I can cut or copy the opened Titler text and paste it to Microsoft Word 2010 document..


              I open the Titler, type the text, with the horizontal type tool wipe a gray cast (right to left) over the text, right click in the gray cast,

              select Cut or Copy, go to open Microsoft Word 2010, and Ctrl+V (Paste). It is done.


              Did any of that work for you with Premiere Elements 12 Mac?



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                Rickster213 Level 1

                Thanks for the suggestion but no, I can't get the copy and paste into Word to work.  I can select the text, copy and paste it back into the title, so I know I have the text in a buffer somewhere.  But when I go into Word, the "paste" option is grayed out and not selectable.  The Mac option to cntrl+v is command+v but that doesn't do it either.  It would seem that Word should be able to pull the text in somehow.  So either Word has a problem or Premiere isn't using a global buffer on a copy for Word to see.  At any rate, I just double and triple check my spelling in the title, which in my project is scrolling lines of text which would have been easier to spell check in Word.  Oh well.