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    Premiere Element 12 when moving video clips. HELP me Rhonda!


      I am currently running Windows 7 (Professional) and I downloaded Premiere Element 12 off Tech Soup so I could make a short video for my company. I am working on a specific project and I have done a considerable amount of editing already. When I try to renegotiate  the positions of various clips- an "error" message appears and then the program shuts down. Is my computer incompatible??? HELP! I don't want to lose all the work I have done. Also, I am so desperate I would be willing to buy the software all over again and put it on my mac-laptop but that would be my last resort! Has anyone else encountered this problem?


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          whsprague Adobe Community Professional

          I have not encountered your problem but don't know what it is.  What does "renegotiate  the positions of various clips" mean?  How are you doing that?  What is the error message?  You mention a Mac Laptop.  Are you running Windows 7 on the Mac Laptop?  Who is "Tech Soup"?  Are they a legitimate Adobe dealer and how did you install Premier Elements?  Premier Elements 12 is a discontinued product at the usual retail outlets.  Did you download it recently?

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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            A description for the source of your Premiere Elements 12/12.1 software can be found online. So, I am OK with that information.

            You have already said that you are running Premiere Elements 12 on Windows 7 64 bit.


            Your mentioned

            and I have done a considerable amount of editing already.

            Just where have you done this considerable amount of editing already....on this Windows 7 64 bit computer with Premiere Elements 12 Windows or something else? Where was this project created....in Premiere Elements 12 Windows or other?


            You mentioned going to a Mac computer in desperation. Please be advised that you cannot open a Premiere Elements Windows project in a Premiere Elements Mac and vice versa. So, going to Mac, would seem to point to a redoing of the project.


            All sorts of negative things can happen when adding content to an existing Timeline. There are maneuvers to get around that. But, from the details that you have given so far, this may be more involved than just that. Let us see if we can salvage what you have


            a. What is the specific wording of your error message

            b. How large and complex is the project when moving clips around in the Timeline results in a program shutdown?

            c. What is a description of your computer resources?


            There are other questions, but let us start here and then decide what next.


            Thank you.



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              Jordyne716 Level 1

              Hi- So the previous work that I've done on this project is just cutting and trimming. What I mean by renegotiate, is moving the location of the clips. When I try to re-order the clips, that's when I get the error message which then shuts down the program. I ran troubleshooting on it and it says Elements is incompatible but didn't say why or how to fix it. And Yes, TechSoup is an authorized dealer--it's for nonprofits and schools. I'm currently running the 64bit on my PC. My last resort idea was--what if I export the project, install Elements for a Mac (and I'd buy the mac version), and continue editing the project on the mac. Would that work? Thanks for all the input!

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                Jordyne716 Level 1

                Hi AT. Romano- I have only worked on this project in Elements so it was never transfered or anything. I did import from the camera to my desktop, and then draged them into Elements.


                a. The error message pops up as a Premiere Elements DeBug Event: [C:PRE12\main\MediaCore\AudioRenderer\API\Inc\AudioBuffer\AudioSubBuffer.I

                b. The Timeline has about 30 minutes of video

                c. I'm not sure I understand what you mean by computer resources? Can you explain that a bit? I'm not super computer savy!


                If I purchase Elements 13, would I be able to load this uncompleted project onto it so that I could edit in 13? I'm trying to find a way around this. I've got about 13 hours left of needed editing and my deadline is Thursday.


                THANK YOU ALL for your help!

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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  Thanks for the reply. Let us see what we can do with what you have.


                  When I asked about computer resources, I was asking about how much installed and available RAM the computer has, how much free hard drive space, the processor and the clock speed. Most of that you can get by right clicking the word Computer and selecting Properties.


                  About your alternative plans...

                  Your Premiere Elements 12 Windows project is not going to work on Premiere Elements Mac (whatever version)

                  If you export your Premiere Elements 12 project to a .mp4 file (Publish+Share/Computer/AVCHD with one of the .mp4 presets), you can import that into a Premiere Elements Mac project. However, that is a whole video which will need trimming to make significant further edits.

                  No guarantees, but your Premiere Elements 12 Windows project file should open in Premiere Elements 13 Windows. But, work with a copy of the Premiere Elements 12 Windows project as a safety net.


                  This is what I would like you to do.


                  Can you open that Premiere Elements 12 Windows project that shutdown when you were moving clips around in the Edit area of the program? If so, open to the Expert workspace. Have you placed audio transitions in the Timeline content? If so, remove them and determine if the problem is gone, is the same, or gets worse.


                  Also, what specific media were you moving around when the crash took place? If you can open the project, can you delete and re-import the file(s) in question? What Timeline tracks are you using and which were involved in this incident?


                  I am particularly interested in the answer to the last question to use the answer as a point to start the troubleshooting.


                  Please let me know if you need clarification on the above.


                  We will be watching for further developments and will keep close track of your posts.



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                    Jordyne716 Level 1

                    You are a lifesaver!


                    It says I have 4GB. I have 242 of 447GB hard drive. My processor is 2.50 GHz. Not sure how to see clock speed?


                    Thank you for your help!

                    So, I can open the project. When I took out the audio, it did not seem to present any problem so far. But how would I get the audio back on the clips? Everything has been cut so I wouldn't really want to re-import the file again because then I'd have to re-cut each file. I had about 5 hours of filming down to 30 minutes. What are your thoughts with why removing the audio worked?


                    So this is crazy--- I took out the clip that I was working on when it crashed. And. Voila! It didn't crash. Could it just have been a corrupt a file? I suppose there is still time for it to crash but so far so good.


                    I had 17 video timeline tracks. The one that seems to be causing the track was on timeline track 1.


                    Thank you for all your help!!!

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                      A.T. Romano Level 7



                      Thanks for the update with the great news of progress.


                      I had in mind for you to delete audio transitions rather than the whole audio clips. Did you have audio transitions placed for the audio clips?

                      If so, it could have been an audio transition placement issue rather than corrupt audio file(s).


                      About a year ago, I remember a similar issue with 12 where the user pin pointed one particular file as the cause of the problem.

                      Sometime file replacement, removal, or moving the file to another track solves this type of problem.


                      As you get closer to the finish and are dealing with the larger project, proceed with caution. Do you work with the AutoSave feature enabled?

                      Right now, whatever you are doing, do not change a thing and see how far you can get. Save the project often as you move forward.


                      Great job in sorting through the troubleshooting details.


                      Best wishes.




                      Add On...I will continue to watch for your progress. That 2.50 GHz is the clock speed. You would probably do better with 8 GB installed RAM and more free hard drive space. But, if all is working, leave as is.