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    Damaged file causes InDesign to crash and I can not open it now?

    D Harkey

      I was working on a document and tried to use the eye dropper tool to select a color for a box I was going to use.

      I accidentally clicked on a placed vector image box and the document closed and InDesign quit.


      After doing some searching online, it was recommended to find the recovery file and delete it from my system, however, I can't find exactly where it is.

      I wound up deleting several items from the cashe file, but that didn't work.


      I did an "uninstall" of InDesign and then installed a new version. That did not work either.

      Where I am now...I can open InDesign and create a new document, but every time I try to open either the damaged file or the previous year file (which should not be damaged), InDesign crashes.


      i.e. - The file that crashed was the 2015 version of my document. I went to archived versions of that particular document (2014 and also 2013 versions) and they all crashed.

      (The files were all named different, based on the year created).