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    NetStream play H264/AAC flv no sound


      I used Flash builder 4.5 created a player to play recorded video from Adobe Media Server.

      Until now, mp4 is worked perfect. But now when mp4 transfer to flv, my player played the video but no sound.

      If this video transfer to H264/MP3, it will work perfect.

      I used AMS sample player to player the video and it worked perfect. Where is my pleyer wrong?

      Here is some code:

      ns:NetStream = new NetStream(nc);

      ns.addEventListener(NetStatusEvent.NET_STATUS, ns_status);

      ns.client = nsClient;


      ns.bufferTime = 10;


      And video info get from onMetadata:

      audiocodecid: 10

      audiodatarate: 15.625

      width: 640

      videodatarate: 976.5625

      encoder: Lavf54.63.104

      height: 368

      framerate: 29.970029970029966

      filesize: 87087101

      duration: 687.488

      audiosamplerate: 8000

      audiosamplesize: 16

      stereo: false

      videocodecid: 2