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    Controller buttons on simple animations.

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      I want do do something like this page: Carousel Template for Bootstrap
      My concerns about those little circles at the bottom, three of them which guides you to select the frame you want to see, right?

      So, those circles/buttons are tools included on the Edge Animate software? is there an option for that?
      Or should I just draw by myself a circle, triplicate it... etc. or should I download a plug in for this function?

      I just need a simple animation like this in which the visitor can also select which frame to see, but also I would like a default passing between them, every 5 seconds for example.


      So every frame should slide every 5 seconds but if the visitor wants to go back to the previous one or jump to the last one, he must be able to do it. Is it possible with Edge Animate?

      Every frame also might be a different animation with simple movements.

      Any idea?
      Thx a lot.

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          seano2o7 Level 3



          Yes its possible. You can build this from within the timeline.


          You will want to make 3 circles and add a click action to them. You will need to animate the actions on the stage and on the clicks of the circles,


          Use the play function on the clicks



          and have the labels on the timeline with the animations you've created.


          Hope this helps.

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