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    I can't move text around. The box moves, but the text stays in the same place until it jumps.

    Ambari Level 1

      I'm sure I have a setting wrong somewhere, but I don't even know what to google and "jumping text InDesign" is not helpful.


      I am on a second Master Slide (for chapter beginnings) and have added a page number to the bottom middle of the page. However, I am trying to center this page number and I can't. I have centered it horizontally using Align, but if I try to move the box manually up and down, the BOX moves AROUND the text, which stays in the same place! Once the box moves out of where the text is, it will jump to a higher position. So I end up only having two options on where I can place this text box, and neither of them is the correct placement. What am I doing wrong?