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    Sharping Dial and Sharping brush not sticking after retouching in library mode


      Hi, I am having problem in Adobe Lightroom 5.7. I use a mac computer, OS X 10.9.5 is the operating system. When I went to go use the sharpening dial it works fine in the develop mode but when I switch back to library mode I noticed the picture is back to being blurry. The picture was a little blurry to begin with but I could tell the difference using the sharpening dial. I also used the sharp adjustment brush and it does the same thing. It’s like it doesn’t want to stick. I have deleted the picture and re-downloaded straight front the card. Shut down LR and reopen. I even restarted my computer. I’ve never had this happen before and it’s annoying because the picture is from a wedding and I would like it to look nice. I hope the next update will fix this. Any suggestions are welcome. -Nikki